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Every man’s dream is to own a house. But beyond the dream of having a house, it is a necessity to have a roof over your head. Owning a house may not be entirely difficult but how to keep the house in good shape is a major challenge. The beauty of a house is not in the completion but in its maintenance. Picture a house that is being referred to as ‘White House’ fighting for the color distinction between itself and your chocolate ice cream.

For a house to be addressed as aging, it means it has been long built and has some element of wear and tear such as; mosses from rain downpour, crack on the wall, change in roof color, change in the inner settings (e.g. when you cannot call the water cistern in the restroom white again but grey), etc.

Perhaps you are already picturing your own house as an aging one; here is a maintenance checklist for you to examine.

  • Facility awareness

Aging home is prone to age facilities. Many homes are battled with fire outbreak nowadays as a result of negligence towards electrical appliances, mishandling of the gas cylinders, etc. Simply put, facility awareness is the consciousness of the home’s facilities.

About the appliances, check for frayed wires or outlets that may cause electrocution or potential threat of fire hazards. Replace any small or large appliance that has frayed cords or plugs rather, get someone to repair it if possible. With this, the problem has been tackled headlong.

  • Regular Sanitation

Cleanliness, they say is next to godliness. One way to save yourself from the potential hazards in your house is to constantly maintain the aging giant, and the common way of doing this is to make the house a friend to cleanliness. An aging home tends to lose a certain part of itself, but with constant sanitation, the aging effect is cushioned and the house looks renewed from time to time.

Among the sanitation exercises you could constantly engage in include; cleaning windows, clearing the pathways and drainage, as well as checking for termites and insects. “West Nile virus and Zika virus are just the latest diseases caused by these winged pests.

  • Check for leaks

The roofing is an essential part of the house as it covers the whole house and its content. A little leak can be deleterious because it will affect the house itself and will not spare its contents.

To keep the home in good shape and preserve the condition of the roof, it is important that the roofs be inspected for leaks regularly. If you notice anything that needs closer inspection or repair, call a roofing professional.

  • Exterior Repairs

This is an important part of the home as it stamps a significant first impression of the owner on onlookers. It isn’t too late to make a few improvements to the exterior of your home, but it is necessary not to tackle anything too big and unnecessary that will increase maintenance cost in the long-run. Take the time to make minor deck repairs, or re-paint your fence if need be.  

  • Consider Replacements

New gadgets at the time of purchase will sooner or later become old and obsolete and there will be the need to replace them if they have outlived the repairing stage. This should be considered for good maintenance purposes. Some of the things that might need replacement includes; frayed wires, expired cooking gas cylinder, used or expired fire extinguisher, etc.